GenomiCare Is on List of 2020 Deloitte China Technology Fast 50 & China Rising Star

Jan 4, 2021

The 2020 China Technology Fast 50 & China Rising Star lists were officially published by the Beijing office of Deloitte on December 9 and reported by dozens of news outlets. GenomiCare is on list of the 2020 China Rising Star thanks to its “two-wheel-drive” business model, powerful translational cancer research, and flexible data solutions for clinical oncology drug development.

The keywords for selection this year were resilience, transformation and recovery. Tech startups were encouraged to improve their ability to innovate by gaining technological and managerial expertise. Faced with uncertainties, they need to be resilient enough to embrace transformation, turn crises into opportunities and develop in a sustainable way.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program started in Silicon Valley in 1995 and runs annually in more than 30 countries. It has become a benchmark of success for fast-growing global companies. The Rising Star competition is a part of the Fast 50 program that recognizes young companies with exceptional growth potential and competitiveness in niche markets. To meet its strict criteria, a company must have three years of high revenue growth and must own lucrative independent intellectual property or proprietary technology. Apple, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba are all past participants, and the shortlisting of GenomiCare shows that its scientific innovation has won recognition from the industry.

Since established in 2015, GenomiCare has been providing data-driven drug development services to biopharma and pharmaceutical companies globally as a powerful and flexible platform for oncology drug development and commercialization. By utilizing Clinical Intelligence Analysis Platform (CIAP), which integrates CLIA/CAP clinical laboratory service, the large real world full genomic + clinical history + long-time survival datasets, cloud-based interactive Saas system, and proprietary data-driven algorithm, GenomiCare is helping clients to realize the full potential of the data efficiently. The resulting evidence have been demonstrated in novel biomarker and target identification, mechanism of action study, clinical trial design/prediction, drug combination strategy, fine-tuned patient stratification, and new indications expansion.

“GenomiCare stands out from many competitors because of its constant innovation. This award is a clear recognition of our performance, technology strength and potential. We still have much work to do in the R&D of anti-cancer drugs,” said Dr. Xu Qiang, CEO of GenomiCare, after the award ceremony. “In the future, GenomiCare will take advantage of its ‘Deep Clinical+Deep Genomic’ complete datasets and patented technologies, and work with cancer clinicians and biopharmaceutical companies to make breakthroughs and innovations with CIAP and data-driven intelligent algorithms. In the meantime, we will work harder in the research on novel biomarkers, new drug targets, new indications, mechanisms of action and drug combination strategies, with an aim to satisfy the needs of Chinese cancer patients who still lack suitable clinical treatment.” – Dr. Xu Qiang, CEO of GenomiCare