GenomiCare Biotechnology Attends Roche Diagnostics Seminar to Discuss Innovative Collaborations in Integrated Diagnostics and Treatment

Aug 10, 2023

On July 27th 2023, the “Roche Diagnostics Integrated Innovation Seminar” hosted by Roche Diagnostics—the global leader in in-vitro diagnosis—concluded successfully in Shanghai. The conference focused on the topic of “patient-centered, precision diagnosis driving innovative drug development,” delved into various aspects. These aspects included tumor companion diagnostics, innovative research and development of cancer biomarkers with high medical value, and the opportunities and challenges faced by the commercial clinical laboratories in the future. Simultaneously, the conference concentrated on the progress of Roche’s drug development pipeline, strategies and opportunities for registration of companion diagnostic reagents, and practical considerations for synchronized research and development of Roche’s companion diagnosis and innovative drugs.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. He Pei, Senior Sales Director of Group Customers of Roche Diagnostics China’s Professional and Molecular Diagnostics Division, took the stage to deliver a speech and express his gratitude for the industry’s long-standing attention and support for Roche. He said that the development and innovation of new drugs are inextricably linked to accurate diagnosis, the value of which is becoming increasingly apparent.

Dr. Tang Qiusong, Head of Roche China Accelerator, gave a presentation on the development of Roche’s drug development pipeline. He highlighted the innovative progress of Roche’s R&D in the field of personalized precision medicine and showcased Roche’s formidable research capabilities in various areas of disease treatment.

Ms. Yin Qiman, Vice President of Roche Diagnostics China – Medical Regulatory Affairs Department, provided a comprehensive discourse on the strategies and opportunities for companion diagnostics registration during the keynote address. She dissected the regulatory requirements for the registration of companion diagnostics both domestically and internationally, examined the latest developments in the review system, and explored the prevailing challenges and opportunities.

Research, development and innovation of new drugs are inextricably linked to accurate diagnostics. The success rate of new drug development also requires the support of accurate diagnostics. The upcoming dialogues between Li Yongmei, the national clinical value and business development manager of Roche Diagnostics China’s Organizational Diagnostics Division, and Yin Fang, the technology training and development expert of Roche Diagnostics China’s Technology Innovation Center, will provide in-depth elucidation on topics such as “Practices and considerations in collaborative research and development of Roche’s companion diagnostics and innovative drugs” and “Roche’s fully automated scientific staining platform accelerates research and development of innovative drugs”.

Wang Guan, Data Science Vice President of GenomiCare Biotechnology, was cordially invited to attend the conference and participated in a roundtable discussion to share  GenomiCare Biotechnology’s insightful experience in using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence algorithms to support original research and development of new cancer drugs.

Mr. Wang Guan stated that Roche’s philosophy of “putting patients’ needs first” is harmoniously aligned with GenomiCare Biotechnology’s underlying strategy of “starting with patients’ unmet clinical needs, and then innovating as a starting point for drug discovery. On this basis, we will have a long-term good cooperation and both of us will make joint efforts to gradually improve the benefits for patients.

In the subsequent guest dialog discussion, Wang Guan mentioned: The trend of globally synchronized research and development of Chinese innovative drugs is gradually becoming prominent. Domestic innovative pharmaceutical companies are undoubtedly accelerating their global R&D layout. Although there are many uncertainties along the way, it is undoubtedly the right direction to focus on fulfilling unmet clinical needs through innovative drug development from the ground up.

Unlike most traditional pharmaceutical companies, GenomiCare starts with real-world unmet clinical needs based on patient-centered, real-world data, and integrates a large real-world deep molecular clinical knowledge base and proprietary patented AI algorithms to discover and validate original drug targets based on known mechanisms or specific clinical needs, combined with data-intelligent technology to perform molecular screening of drugs against targets.

Currently, GenomiCare has achieved significant results at all stages and has established collaborations with the world’s top 10 multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Roche, Merck, Sanofi, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. In addition, GenomiCare helps domestic and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies accelerate the discovery and development of innovative oncology drugs. GenomiCare has been instrumental in the identification of novel biomarkers and targets, mechanism of action studies, clinical trial design/prediction, drug combination strategies, fine-tuned patient stratification, and the expansion of new indications.

Based on innovation and leading the future, GenomiCare will continue to deepen the Patient-centric Plus mode, combining clinical + molecular mechanistic data and pharmaceutical artificial intelligence algorithms, to collaborate with partners to discover and develop innovative original drugs for well-defined clinical patient populations to meet the unmet clinical needs of domestic and international markets. With a win-win mentality, we will actively collaborate with new drug development companies in the industry to discover and develop original new drugs.