GenomiCare Biotechnology was invited to participate in 2023 Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the roadshow projects shined

Nov 16, 2023

On November 12, 2023, “The Third Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023” was successfully held at Zhangjiang Science Hall under the guidance of Science and Technology and Economy Commission of Shanghai Pudong New Area and Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City Construction Management Office, co-sponsored by Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Company Limited and Institute of Synthetic Biology of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT), and co-organized by Shanghai International Medical Park Group Co. Ltd. and co-sponsored by National Intellectual Property Operation (Shanghai) International Service Platform and Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center, the “2023 Third Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” was successfully held in Zhangjiang Science Hall.

The competition is based on tapping emerging forces in the field of cell and gene therapy with technological breakthroughs, industry leadership and market potential, building a bridge for in-depth docking between industry and capital, and further promoting the transformation and landing of innovative achievements. More than 20 projects from all over the country participated in the competition, and 10 projects involving immune cells, stem cells, gene editing, gene therapy, nucleic acid drugs and other fields were finally awarded with prizes.

GenomiCare Biotechnology has attracted much attention and its roadshow project “SK3C: Specific Killing of Cancer Cells by CRISPR” was recognized by all guest judges and senior investors. Dr. Dai Chun, Head of Drug Research and Development, who participated in the competition on behalf of GenomiCare Biotechnology, introduced the project: SK3C is a technology platform that can kill all genetically mutated tumor cells without affecting normal cells. At present, GenomiCare Biotechnology has completed the in vivo and in vitro mechanism validation of this technology and has exclusively applied for the global original invention patent. SK3C has the characteristics of high specificity, high killing power and safety, which can effectively solve the problem of tumor drug resistance, and it has a huge potential market, which can be used in almost all patients with tumors, and it has the potential to greatly change the outlook of oncology drug development and applicability.

Since its inception, GenomiCare Biotechnology has advocated “innovative drug discovery at the source by starting from patients’ unmet clinical needs,” and in practice, we adhere to this original intention. Based on patient-centered real-world data, we integrate real-world knowledge bases and clear disease mechanisms or clinical needs through systematic artificial intelligence methods. Lead is oriented to original drug target discovery and validation, combined with data intelligence technology, and then molecular drug screening for the target. At present, GenomiCare has achieved substantial results in all phases and has established partnerships with top ten multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, MSD, Sanofi, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. In addition, GenomiCare’s deep insights into mechanism of action discovery, drug combination strategies, precise patient stratification and indication expansion have helped domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and biotech companies accelerate the discovery and development of innovative oncology drugs to benefit more oncology patients.